Metalized Silver
Foil UV Box Packaging

Metalized box packaging, or sometimes it is known as Silver Foil box or UV box is now on current packaging box trend which has been widely used in various objectives and occasions. Here at Packaging Box Printing Services, we are offering a few variants of the metalized boxes, which are metalized box, silver foil box and UV box.

All of these boxes can be customized according to your preferences. Besides the size and width of the box, you can also consider in embossing and raised ink to add dimensions and outstanding patterns to the box. Other customization is possible such as having a customized window cut out on the box, changing the design of the box.

Need not to worry about which design fits the best on the box as our experienced and professional team will assist you in choosing the most suitable design. Get in touch with our representatives to get your metalized box designed and printed!

Luxury Packaging Trio:
"Discover Matelized, Silver Foil, and UV Boxes"

Discover the epitome of luxury packaging with our Metalized Silver, Foild, and UV boxes. Crafted with precision and sophistication, our Metalized Silver boxes feature a sleek metallic finish that exudes opulence and style. Meanwhile, our Silver Foil boxes add a touch of glamour with shimmering silver accents, perfect for making a statement on the shelves. For vibrant and high-impact packaging, our UV boxes feature an ultraviolet coating that enhances colors and graphics with a glossy sheen. Elevate your brand presentation with this trio of packging options, designed to captivate and impress your customers.

Elevate your packaging with our sleek metalized boxes. Choose from gold, silver, or bronze finishes to add a touch of luxury to your brand presentation.

Make a statement with our silver foil boxes, designed ot showcase your product in style. The shimmering silver foil adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to your packaging.

Illuminate your packaging with our UV boxes, featuring a striking ultraviolet coating that enhances colors and graphics with a glossy sheen.